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Spring 2020 FAQS

Travel and ITL Programs (Grades 3 – 8)

I’ve heard there are tryouts. Will my child get on a team? There is one player evaluations session per age group for the Spring 2020 season. These are run by RUSC using trained, neutral evaluators who don’t have children in the age group they are evaluating. In some cases, our evaluators no longer have children playing for RUSC. This helps us place players on the correct level team, but these are not tryouts. All players who register prior to the evaluation sessions and subsequent team placements will be placed on a team.

My child can’t attend player evaluations. Will they be placed on a team? Yes. Player evaluations are one component of player placement. But they are an important component, so we strongly encourage all players to attend both player evaluation sessions.

I understand that the evaluations are important for my child to attend. When are they being held? The sessions will be held in October. Evaluation dates are available here.

Can we sign up our child after player evaluations, and will they be placed on a team? Yes. However, there are maximum roster sizes dictated by the Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL) and sometimes after team placements we have rosters with the maximum number of players assigned. If that is the case and your child registers after team placements they would be placed on a wait list. All players who are registered prior to the player evaluation sessions and team placement meetings will be placed on a team.

I see there is a late fee for registrations on or after November 1. Why is that? We need to evaluate all the players, place them all on rosters and have those rosters submitted to the Middlesex Youth Soccer League for approval by early January. In order to meet that timeline it's important we have as many players registered prior to November 1 as possible. If players register later than that it means they have missed all player evaluation sessions and possibly the placement meetings, which means RUSC would be faced with additional fees from MYSL to place and/or move players onto rosters.

Micro Program (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2)

Is this "real" soccer? Yes. The PreK/Kindergarten division is the entry level where the players are introduced to the game. The Grades 1&2 division will focus on continuing to develop skill sets and prepare players for the Grades 3&4 division, where they will be eligible to play travel soccer against other Middlesex League teams.  

Can my child only play for RUSC if they sign up when they are in PreK or Kindergarten? Absolutely not! While that division focuses on introducing players to the sport we welcome children to join at any age.

Can I request players to be together? Unfortunately, no.  This makes it VERY difficult to build teams.  We build balanced teams that include a range of skills and players from across Reading.  The teams are also balanced based on age.

Can I request coaches to be together? Unfortunately, no.  This makes it VERY difficult to build teams.  We appreciate you volunteering and wanting to work with friends/coaches you have worked with previously, but we don't want to leave teams without coaches. Our professional coaching staff will be working with all the coaches to make sure you are all comfortable working with your team and building your knowledge of the game. 


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