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Spring 2022 Registration

Email to all on 4th October, 2021


Hi Parents,

We hope everyone is well and enjoying as much outdoor time as you can, including town and youth sports.  We are mid-season for fall soccer, which is just crazy.
Please take your time to review the details below as it will help you understand the process and answer some of your questions.  
This is being sent to all players from the spring 2021, and the fall 2021

Spring Registration

Spring registration is now open – go to
Like the fall, this is run by RUSC.

Important Dates:
Registration Closes on 30th November
Late Fee (Grades 3-8) of $25 starts on 15th November

Why these dates? Spring teams are due into the league before the end of the calendar year. We need firm numbers, and commitments, to know the number of teams and the rosters.

We also adjusted the DOB ranges to align with the state guidelines – please sign up for the right division based on your players current grade.

This is applicable to both Micro (Pre-K, K, Grades 1&2) as well as Travel/ITL (Graded 3 to 8)

Grades 3&4 ONLY (ITL – In Town League)

ITL is our instructional league, where RUSC staff can modify game conditions.

New Question for Grades 3&4 – would you prefer ITL (in town league). It does NOT mean we will place you on “travel” as travel teams are constructed based on ability and in order to be chosen for a travel team, playing ability must meet division 3 standards. Pro staff, RUSC Executive Board and current coaching staff discuss this "ability" standard for each player in order to make team placements.

Some parents might prefer ITL because the schedule is more predictable. Travel – you are at the mercy of the league schedule.

If you do not answer the question, we will assume you do not have a preference (again, this is for Grades 3&4 only).

Background (Please Read)

Believe it or not, we are still administrating players and coaches for the fall season.

Soccer is a team sport, and the numbers DO matter. These numbers effect all players and coaches both negatively and positively. We are also bound to the league (Middlesex Youth Soccer League) to roster sizes (min and max). If we are under the min, or over the max, we have to make decisions that impacts the whole division.

Example 1 (from Fall 2021): we maxed out all teams in one age group and there are not enough players out there to build an additional team. The math is simple – it does not matter that you want to sign up or you missed the deadline, that age group is closed for the season.

Example 2 (from Fall 2021): we made a decision to go with smaller sized rosters (close to the min) in order to accommodate all the registrants (repeat – it’s a numbers game) rather then cut players and go with a larger roster, fewer teams. In hindsight – this was a mistake!! Each week we have players with conflicts and we are struggling to JUST get a team on the field with enough players. Next season, if this situation was to occur, we would likely cut players.

For illustration purposes only:
Game is 11 v 11

Min Roster = 13, Max Roster = 18

We have 40 players at REGISTRATION CLOSE. We will use 40 players to make the rosters. Do we use:

1)3 teams - 13, 13, 14. Small rosters, risk for not enough players, week by week chasing
2)2 teams – 18, 18. Drop 4 players

As you can see, we have to make a decision and we do not like to cut any players. But, like I said, we are struggling this season with teams in some age groups that are weak due to player attendance. Now you can see the IMPORTANCE of the registration dates. Do we submit 2 teams or 3 teams, how does that impact the teams, do we wait/hope that others might sign up late, etc. etc. It’s a difficult logistical problem.

For the spring – registration will close on 11/30, and this will drive the teams for the spring. Please do NOT miss the deadline.

Player Evaluations

This season we are going to leverage coaches player evaluations and input from the pro coaching staff to adjust/decide on teams. We are not planning to hold a formal player evaluation process (aka tryouts) for various reasons. We plan to bring back formal Player Evaluations in June for the 22/23 year.

RUSC Administation

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